Westminster Woods is a Camp and Conference Center located in the heart of northeast Oregon’s Blue Mountains, where people of all ages can get away from the distracting routines of life to focus on contemporary issues, nature, and spiritual growth. It is located about halfway between Pendleton and La Grande, and has convenient access from Interstate 84.

Westminster Woods offers a variety of amenities and facilities, which are described below in further detail. The camp is available for rent to religious and educational groups, as well as for family gatherings, business meetings, and weddings or another special event. Everything is managed on a space-available basis, so check in with us early to prepare for your event.

Chapel and Meeting Center

A beautiful 1,600 square foot Chapel and Meeting Center was built in 2008. It is used for weddings, summer worship experiences, and for workshops, meetings, and trainings. The facility was designed to handle more than a hundred people at one time, depending on how it is configured (concert, classroom, or theater layout), and whether the outdoor patio area is used. The outdoor patio area includes approximately 550 square feet, and can provide seating for up to 40 people depending on how seating is arranged. A set of full-height folding doors allows the indoor space to be connected with the outdoor patio area, allowing summer weddings and other warm-weather events to use a larger combined space. The glass wall can be opened up completely and a canopy can be set up over the stone patio to shade guests seated there. A total of 110 attractive, upholstered chairs are available, with 70-80 used inside and 30-40 outside on the patio.

The Chapel and Meeting Center has electric outlets conveniently located throughout (including the floor), so laptops and projectors can be set up wherever they are needed. There is a a motorized retractable screen situated at an ideal height so participants in the back row have just as good a view as those in the front row. A whiteboard is located behind beautiful pine sliding panels, so when you don’t need it, it is hidden away!  The meeting center can be configured in many different ways. Three sample diagrams are included in the photos below.

A piano is provided in this space to facilitate services where music is needed. The beautiful windows and pine throughout the building provide an array of fantastic backgrounds for photography during special events. There is parking close to the building to help making unloading materials and people easier. The camp Golf Cart can be used to shuttle guests to and from the extend parking just a few minute away.

Kitchen Meeting Hall

The smaller Kitchen Meeting Hall functions well for shared meals or small meetings. Groups can set up the tables in whatever configuration is desired within the 500sf space.

Tables and chairs are provided, and can be rearranged easily There is also a telephone, wifi, and a restroom with a shower. Large windows on the north and east sides merge this space with a beautiful natural setting.

A concrete patio, in combination with two outdoor propane grills, allows for outdoor dining. Covered canopies and picnic tables make it a comfortable place to enjoy the outdoor environment with close access to meal preparation space. The kitchen area has an electric range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, dishwasher, cooking utensils, and enough dishes and silverware for 24 people. The beautiful deck has seating for enjoying the outdoors.

RV Spots

Westminster Woods has 8 RV campsites with full hookups, including 50 amp service. All sites are full service with water, power and sewer hookup. Power is wired for a variety of electrical plug-ins for various styles, models, and ages of RVs. Power capacity is supplied at 50 amps for large, full-service units.

Each of the 8 RV sites have level gravel pads, a nice picnic area, and close access to the buildings without sacrificing the feeling of seclusion. Sites 1, 2, 5, 6,7 are all standards back-in spots. Sites 3, 4, and 8 are pull-through, with a little more room for long RV’s to navigate. A second exit road from the camp accommodates larger vehicles that cannot turn around easily.

Fields and Trails

Several large playing fields are available, as well as expansive trails throughout the property.

Despain Field provides a mowed grass setting, and it is often used for softball or baseball. Because the water system reaches it, Despain Field is also used for summer water activities such as slip-and-slides.  There is a baseball cage at the upper corner towards the chapel, and we have equipment for baseball games available. It is the closest field to the Chapel and Bathhouse, so can be used conveniently for wedding receptions and other big outdoor events.

The Play Field is located in the upper meadow just beyond Despain field. Water isn’t available on this field, but there is a fantastic regulation size vollyball court. Soccer goal cages and nets are available and there is plenty of room to plan outher dry outdoor activities.

Disc Golf goals are scattered throughout the trails at the camp. A scorecard with map is available near RV spot 3 at the trailhead there. Over 2 miles of marked trails criss-cross the property for both summer hiking and winter skiing. Trails connect the meadows with buildings and other activity centers on the 66-acre property.

Trails are mowed and maintained in the summer to allow easy access, and all trails are marked using metal signs mounted on trees adjacent to the trail. A large loop trail allows access to the far reaches of the property, including the Oregon Trail gravesite and Oregon Trail wagon ruts in the southwest corner. Shorter trails connect all of the major developments at Westminster Woods, including the dining/meeting hall with the amphitheater and the lower kitchen area (this is a day-use area with playground, restrooms, fire pit, etc.). During the winter, the trail system receives use for both cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Lower Picnic Area and Amphitheater

A trail from the Kitchen building leads down to the rustic Amphitheater. This feature was built from local timber in 2005, designed in a semicircle around a fire pit. Overnight groups can enjoy a campfire with seating for everyone. There is a “Picnic Area” nearby, with restrooms and a swing set. The dorms and upper parking are only moments away.


The Westminster Woods Bathhouse provides two separate wings for men/women to shower and use bathroom facilities. The two sides are separated by a small storage area that houses games, cleaning supplies, and laundry. The lawn in front of the building provides a gathering place for picnics or coordinating activities for groups. It’s central location and flag pole makes it a great “Meet you back here” point for campers who are breaking out into smaller groups. There is a basketball hoop on the Men’s side of the bathhouse next to the trail that leads to Despain Field. There is a lawn Chess Set built into the ground near the Women’s side of the bathhouse, next to the trail that leads to the Play Field.


Our dorm building is split into two separate sides with 10 bunk beds with mattresses on each side for a total of 20 single beds. This facility allows boys and girls in separate sides or two groups to have their own space at night. It is located right at the entry to the camp, within site of the Bathhouse and Kitchen Meeting Hall.

Restrooms with cleaning supplies are included on each side. There are small wall heaters in each side of the dorm to provide for comfort in colder weather. Mattresses and white sheets are provided. Campers should bring their own bedding and toiletries.